Next Run, Receding Hareline and Being a Hare

We still need Hares for Hashes in June and July!!! Please help!!!

我们需要找一些想2017年6月和7月当兔子的人。请尽快举手!谢谢! :)

Please look at the Receding Hareline (list of future Hashes and Hares) and choose a date, then contact the Hare Razor (Ivana Bendova / Ana) to work out the details. 

这里然后选一个日期。然后发给我邮件谈论和组织。你 也可以跟有经历的兔子学习怎么做兔子。先举手就开始


Beijing H3 + BJ Boxer H3 Nash Hash 2017b - ??? Sep 2017  - The 17th All China Nash Hash in Beijing!!!
 - 第17全国Hash 在北京。今年不一般,有两次全国Hash。
 - Fri(pm/night)-Sun(pm), 15-17 September 2017
 - Don't miss it!!!   alcos


- Check for details and updates.
- Registration is open now!
   - FYI, there are 2 China Nash Hashes in 2017 because Roomboy, who, just wants to synchronise the Nash Hash number with the calendar year. So, in 2018 it will be the 18th Nash Hash and so on. On! On! 


Dear Hashers, dear newcomers, and dear friends,

    Our next QDH3 Hash run/walk QDH3 Hash #541 will be on SATURDAY, 24 June 2017. AND IT WILL BE THE RED DRESS RUN !

Approximate Guesstimate Schedule 时间表:(Some of the times might change... Check again later!!!)
2.00pm - Meet at Crowne Plaza Hotel

2.20pm - Meet at A Point (Start/Finish point) (Leave bags or extra clothes here, if you like.)

This is the Lenin Bar

2.30pm - Pre-Hash ChalkTalk
2.40pm - Hash Start and On On !

Hashing area: CITY
You don't have to wear grippy hiking or running shoes! BUT YOU HAVE TO WEAR A RED DRESS!!

Hash type: A to A


If it's an A to A Hash Trail, then you can leave a bag at the restaurant start and finish point.

If it's an A to B Hash Trail, then the start and finish points will be in different places, so the Hares should takes Hashers bags to the secret B point - But, you should pack as lightly as possible in case the lazy Hares can't take your bag to the B Point.

Hash trail length: Not quite certain


This Saturday is the first ever Qingdao Red Dress Charity Run 
The cost of the Hash is 20rmb which will be all donated to the lions international charity to help(sponsor) someone local kids for their education. Hash的花费是每个人20元,但这次所有收到的费用都会直接捐赠给狮子会用于资助本地部分儿童上学。
Extra donations to the charity are encouraged. 之外如有意愿捐助我们非常欢迎!
Water and beer will be provided by the HASH mismanagement team. This will be the start of the legendary red dress run here in Qingdao. 传说中的红裙跑就此在青岛开始了!
The Red Dress Run is a long standing Hash tradition that has raised millions for charity over the years. 红裙跑在Hash的存在已久的传统,多年来已经为各地慈善机构捐助了数百万元。
So we hope to see you there for fun and frolicking in your red dress! no red tshirts or shorts it must be a red dress you wear, be man women or neuter !! :-) :-) 希望能到见到穿红裙的你们与我们一起快乐的跑步!所有的男,女,中性都必须穿红色的裙子!!不要是T恤或者短裤哦 

It is also the FOYW hash for SexEducator!

Crowne Plaza Hotel
    FYI, more info on the Crowne Plaza Hotel 
    (QingDao YiZhong HuangGuan JiaRi JiuDian)...

    Address: #76 XiangGang Middle Road (XiangGang Zhong Lu)
    地址: 青岛, 市南区, 香港中路76号(佳世客东50米)

    Map 地图:

Sometimes the information here may not be regularly updated.
To know other full details about the next Hash run/walk and other future QDH3 events, please send an email to qingdaohhh [@] outlook [.] com  to get our weekly QDH3 Hash Newsletter.
Get the Newsletter and we'll let you know all the specific and even more juicy Hash details!  :)
Some photos from other past QDH3 Hashes.  On! On!
Wet Hare or wet HashersGoing upCheckingBeer Stop
Shiggy trailOn HOMEThe CircleHash Bash dinner
RECEDING HARELINE of future Hashes and Hares
NOTE: Details, including meeting times, may change, so it's best to send us an email to be sure.

 ***NOTE: The "usual" meeting time at Crowne Plaza Hotel is *2pm*, but in December and January the normal Hash meeting time at Crowne Plaza Hotel is *1pm* to get more daylight. In mid Summer, the Hash meeting time might move back to 3pm to avoid the midday heat. Far away Hash locations and special Hash events may also have different Hash meeting times.

 Hash#  Date            Hash Name          Hare(s)              Trail type     Crowne Hotel meeting time   Trail Location

****** Tue, 2 May, 6pm      QDH3 May MisManagement Committee Meeting - IMPORTANT: Sweet F.A.'s MisManagement jobs must be divided up between different people - Many hands make light work! - Change you can believe in!  ;)  - Location: Thai Me Up Bar and Restaurant - 20-6 YanErDao Branch Road, ShiNan District (300m north of Crowne Plaza Hotel) - Map:
 #534   Sat, 6 May      The Back to Shibei Hash - Hare/s: Squeeze 'em in (Tony) + ???        A to A        2pm       Hashing Location: Central Shibei Distict  

 #535   Sat, 13 May      The G.M.s Handover Hands On and Hands Up Hash - Hare/s: OLD G.M. Sweet F.A. (Tim) + NEW G.M. Whore's Whisperer (Philip) + ???       A to A        2pm       Hashing Location: The Julin Forest Park and Zhongshan Park area

 #536   Sat, 20 May      The Virgin Ass R.A. Hash - Hare/s: Just "Phil" + Squeeze 'em in (Tony) + ???        A to A        1.30pm       Hashing Location:  The southwest Laoshan hills

 #537   SUNDAY, 28 May (on SUNDAY due to the Chinese holiday...)      The Funtastic Fushan Hills Dragon Boat Festival Hash - Hare/s: Sweet F.A. (Tim) + ???       A to A        2pm       Hashing Location: FuShan hills area

 June, 6pm      QDH3 June MisManagement Committee Meeting - Cummm for the Beers, stay for the Meeting!!!  ;)  - Location: To be decided later... - Map: ???

 #538   Sat, 3 Jun      The Across The Bay in Huangdao Hash - Hare/s: Ivana Bendova (Ana) + Just "Han" + ???        A to A        1pm       Hashing Location: south-east Huangdao hills

 #539   Sat, 10 Jun      The ??? Hash - Hares Needed!!!        A to ???        ???pm       Hashing Location:  ???
 ****Sat, 10 Jun, 8.30pm The 2017 RedStar Magazine Qingdao Bar Crawl (Teams of 4) (Starts at 8.30pm)

Hash Red Dress Runs for Charity!  #540   Sat, 17 Jun      The Lovin' Laoshan Hash - Hare:/s: Squeeze 'em in (Tony) + ???        A to ???        ???pm       Hashing Location:  Far east Laoshan District

 #541   Sat, 24 Jun      The Sex Educator (Joey) FOYW Fuck Off Hash - Hare:/s: Sloppy Seconds (Paul) + Just "Karen" + Just "Gavin"        A to ???        ???pm       Hashing Location:  ???

#542 Sat, 1 July - The RedWhite and Blue Independence Day Hash Hare:/s: Just 'Phil' + SqueezeMeIn + Sloppy Seconds

#543 Sat, 8 July HARES NEEDED

#544 Sat, 15 July HARES NEEDED


Red, White and Blue - Indepence Day Hash!!!  :)

Fri night - Sun afternoon, 15 - 17 September - The 17th All China Nash Hash in Beijing!!!
 - 第17全国Hash 在北京。

- Don't miss it!!!   alcos  SEE MORE INFO HERE

flex Means that the Lead Hare can change to another date if another Lead Hare really wants that date.
    See the COMPLETE Receding Hareline  online at any time.
How to set a good Hash Trail <--- Click link to learn MORE.  :)


Hare 21. The prospective Lead Hare should contact the Hare Razor  and arrange a date for their great Hash. To give the Hashers more variety in Hash trails, the Lead Hare should check the Receding Hareline (list of future Hashes and Hares) and choose a Hashing area that hasn't been visited for a while. If you want advice on trails, then talk to the Hare Razor or the Trail Meisters (who know all the trails in Qingdao... they say!).

2. The Lead Hare should scout the full Hash trail at least 1 or 2 weeks BEFORE the Hash (especially if it's a new Hashing area, but even old Hashing areas can have new developments that ruin your great plans). That way, the Lead Hare can find all the most interesting scenery and features of the trail and the Hashers will all say it was THE BEST HASH EVER!!!  ;)

3. While scouting the trail, the Lead Hare must also find a good Bash dinner restaurant. The Bash venue is important as we want the venue owner to be friendly to Hasher needs and the environment and food should should be suitable for Hashers' singing and joking and
drinking behaviour. For A to A Hashes it should always be pre-arranged that Hashers Hare 3can store bags at the Bash venue during the Hash (very important during winter especially). If it's an A to B Hash, then the Hare should find a way to get the Hashers' bags from the starting point to the end point for them... but sometimes the Hashers will just have to carry their own stuff all the way...

4. The Lead Hare should also find a good place about half way along the Hash trail for a Beer Stop (or 2? - But, only 1 in winter!) as well as find a suitable quiet spot for the Circle at the end where we won't be interrupted. The Circle should be close (>= 200m) from the
end point Bash dinner venue.

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5. Finally, a day or two before the Hash, the Lead Hare should organise flour and chalk. Then, on the day of the Hash, the Lead Hare and any Co-Hares will meet early in the day and set / lay the Hash Trail using chalk and flour making the Hash marks that will guide the Pack of Hashers around the fantastic Hash trail that is set.  :)

6. Drink more beer...       Beer balls alcoholics
Contact the Hare Razor  and discuss when you can Hare or Co-Hare.

    On On!

    Sweet F.A. - Former QDH3 On-Sec (Secretary) - The final handover to the new On-Sec will happen soon...
    Qingdao Hash House Harriers (QDH3)
Moving On On foot GIF