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  1. LATEST NEWS - Updated 24 May 2017 
  2. SPECIAL  Nash Hash  NOTICE - Beijing - Fri (5pm)- Sun (?pm), 15-17 September 2017
  3. NEW QDH3 AGE POLICY TRIAL   **UPDATE** 新的年龄规定试试!
  4. Next QDH3 Mismanagement Hash planning (and drinking) Meeting
  5. New Special Events 新特色活动!
  6. New QDH3 Hash fee of 20rmb started on Sat, 16 April 2016
  7. QDH3 Hash Events Schedule for 2016

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The All China Nash Hash in Beijing from 15 - 17 September 2017 is cumming soon!. :)   It will be SUPER AWESOME!!!


Get the Early Bird discount Registration Fee!!!

On! On! to Beijing Nash Hash!!!

Beijing H3 + BJ Boxer H3 Nash Hash 2017b - ??? Sep 2017  - The 17th All China Nash Hash in Beijing!!!
 - 第17全国Hash 在北京。今年不一般,有两次全国Hash。
 - Fri(pm/night)-Sun(pm), 15-17 September 2017 - Don't miss it!!!   alcos

   - See More BEIJING NASH HASH Details Here!
See the Beijing Hash (BJH3) homepage here.

- FYI, there are 2 China Nash Hashes in 2017 because Roomboy, who runs, just wants to synchronise the Nash Hash number with the calendar year. So, in 2018 it will be the 18th Nash Hash and so on. On! On!

Want to see what a Nash Hash is all about and how much fun it will be...?  Of course you do!!!   :)

Here are some great photos of the fun at the last 2017a Nash Hash in Chengdu if you missed the event...

See photo memories of the Hangzhou 2015 All ChinaNash Hash .

Here's a short 5 minute video about the Nash Hash in Hangzhou 2015 too.




The QDH3 Hash Shop

By the way, Everyone, we still have some extra pieces of the AWESOME QDH3 Hash #500 gear and clothes available for sale.

If you buy a full set of the QDH3 Hash #500 Hash Stash (T-shirt, Beer cooler, 2 patches), you can get it all for just 128rmb! Individual item prices total up to 150rmb. Support your Qingdao Hash, buy Qingdao Hash gear and clothes.

+ The amazing T-shirts are 100rmb each or 2 for 180rmb. 
+ The beer coolers are 30rmb each, or 2 for 50rmb, or 5 for 100rmb. 
+ The patches are 10rmb each, or 6 for 50rmb. 
+ A set of one of all items (1 T-shirt, 1 Beer cooler, 2 Patches) is 128rmb.
+ Other combinations, please ask! :)

We also have lots of other great Qingdao Hash gear and clothes available too. Visit the QDH3 Hash Shop! :)


Cheers and On! On!

Hash Gear Set 128rmb

Hash Gear Prices

Other Qingdao Hash gear and clothes

Hash gear in action!


Title bar

Hey Hashers,

AGE POLICY  年龄规定 - UPDATED 8 Aug 2016
In case you are thinking of inviting young relatives or friends, the main rule in our QDH3 Hash group is that most of our events are recommended for adults (18+ y.o.) only. This is because our Hash trails can be difficult for children, also because we encourage beer drinking, and plus we also sing some "bawdy" (rude language) Hash songs during the Circle. 
我们比较强的规定是参加我们一般的Hash活动我们建议你和你想带参加的人都是18岁以上(或高中毕业了), 因为路线会长和难和可能一点地滑或危险,而且我们喝啤酒,还有我们的Hash歌曲会有一些成人用的歌词。 

But, about once each 2 or 3 months, we will try to organise a true all ages Hash event. 

If you do decide to bring a child or youth to one of our regular Hashing events, then you MUST accompany any child or youth that is under 15 years old ALL THE WAY along the Hash trail. You must also carry EXTRA water for your child. Most importantly, your child is your own responsibility at all times! Thank you!
你必须负责他们每一分钟。谢谢合作!  😊

This is a trial. Let's see how it goes for a couple of months and then examine if it was a good thing, a bad thing, or if a couple of small changes need to be made to improve the policy.

On! On!

Sweet F.A.
QDH3 On-Sec (Secretary)

On On foot gif anim

2. Next QDH3 Mismanagement Hash planning (and drinking) Monthly Meeting

See the date and location in the QDH3 Receding Hareline.

QDH3 Committee meeting 7 aPlease join us for our next QDH3 Mismanagement Committee monthly meeting.

It will be a dinner and drinks plus meeting.
Arrive by about 6pm for early dinner and drinks, or by 7.30pm to take part in the meeting.

The meeting should usually last about 2 hours.

QDH3 Committee meeting 7 aBesides general Qingdao Hash chatter, we often organise and plan ahead for special Hash events (including the next Bus Trip Hash!), plus lots of other exciting and important stuff. And, we can even start to think about the next Crowne Plaza Hotel Staircase Run-Up event.

Why don't you join us? Your ideas will be greatly appreciated.
陪我们吧。提供你的思想。  :)

The discussion is very important, of course... but, there is always too much talking and not enough beer drinking!   Alco gif

3. New Special Events 新特色活动!!!


Hash Red Dress Run for Charity. This one was in Beijing.
  #541   Sat, 24 Jun      The Sex Educator (Joey) FOYW Fuck Off Hash - A to ??? - HashingLocation: ??? Hare:/s: Sloppy Seconds (Paul) + Just "Brown" + Just "Gavin" ???
NOTE: This is currently planned to be a Hash Red Dress Run!!! Don't miss Qingdao's first Red Dress Run for Charity. You MUST wear a red dress (or skirt). See more info on the traditions of Hash Red Dress Runs for Charity here.

****** ???, ??? July, 6pm      QDH3 July MisManagement Committee Meeting - Cummm for the Beers, stay for the Meeting!!!  ;)  - Location: To be decided later... - Map: ??? 

Stars and Stripes - Independence Day Hash!!!
  #542   Sat, 1 Jul      The Red, White and Blue Pre-Independence Day Hash - Hares Needed!!!        A to ???        ???pm       Hashing Location:  ??? 

****** ???, ??? August, 6pm      QDH3 August MisManagement Committee Meeting - Cummm for the Beers, stay for the Meeting!!!  ;)  - Location: To be decided later... - Map: ??? 

Hashy Birthday to us!!!  :)
Wed, 9 Aug - The Qingdao Hash House Harriers (QDH3) 14th Birthday Social Dinner and Drinks - Time and Location to be decided later.

  #548   Sat, 12 Aug - QDH3 Hash #548 -  The QDH3 14th Birthday Hash - A to ??? - Hashing Location: ??? - Need Hare/s!!!

Beijing H3 + BJ Boxer H3 Nash Hash 2017b - ??? Sep 2017  - The 17th All China Nash Hash in Beijing!!!
 - 第17全国Hash 在北京。今年不一般,有两次全国Hash。
 - Fri(pm/night)-Sun(pm), 15-17 September 2017 - Don't miss it either!!!   alcos
 - See More BEIJING NASH HASH Details Here!
 - On! On! 

4. New Hash fee of 20rmb

Starting on Saturday, 16 April 2016, the QDH3 will have a new Hash fee of 20rmb per Hasher!

This is the first increase in the QDH3 Hash fee since QDH3 was formed in August 2003!!!

Proceeds from the new Hash fee will be distributed to benefit Hares more. There will also be Hasher Awards in future too.

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5. List of future QDH3 and other community special events for 2016

Runners in the sunrise or sunset...

Hello Qingdao Hashers! 青岛Hashers大家好!

Lots of great Hashes and special running events are coming up soon!

See the full QDH3 Receding Hareline for the list of future Hashes and other events!

foot moving

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Mismanagement Hash foot


ASS = Assistant

GM - Grand Master (or Mistress or Mattress
Ceremonial leader of the Hash. Takes care of general administrative matters of the Hash. Starts the Circle then changes over to the glorious RA.
**If there is more than one GM, then GMs can take turns. Ass-GMs will assist the Head GM.
1 - Whore's Whisperer / Philip - HEAD GRAND MASTER - Contact: qingdaohhh [@] outlook [.] com
2 - Sloppy Seconds / Paul - ASS GRAND MASTER
3 - Ivana Bendova / Ana - ASS GRAND MASTER
4 - Just "Karen" - ASS GRAND MASTER

RA - Religious Adviser
The worst and loudest voice and best memory for weird Hash Songs and jokes and heinous crimes committed by the assembled Hashers. Guardian of the Cock of Shame and nominator of the Hash Shit. Responsible for Hash Namings, and the weather of course!
**If there is more than one RA, then RAs can take turns. And Ass-RAs can assist when all full RAs are absent.
1 - Loose Pussy (David) - RELIGIOUS ADVISER
2- Sloppy Seconds / Paul - ASS RELIGIOUS ADVISER

Our official Hash secretary. Publishes and sends out the (roughly) Weekly Hash Newsletter. Also, manages the Email account/s and Contact list and can represent the GM/s when interacting with other Hash Kennels. Should liaise with the Hash Committee regarding inter-Kennel events. He or she who (very roughly…) keeps track of your run count and thus seeing that you get your due rewards. Also acts as GM and HC when needed.
1 - Just "Phil" - CO ON-SEC - Contact: qingdaohhh [@] outlook [.] com
2 - Squeeze 'em in / Tony - CO ON-SEC
3 - Ivana Bendova / Ana - ASS ON-SEC

HC - Hash Cash
He or she who acts as the treasurer (accountant). This Hasher collects and takes care of the money of the run. Also, repays Hares for Hash Trail marking supplies and Hash Beer purchased.
1 - Squeeze 'em in / Tony - HASH CASH
2 - Whore's Whisperer / Philip - ASS HASH CASH

Chief Trailmeister/s
The Hasher/s who thinks he/she knows every trail in and around our fair city and who should also help Hares to find sneaky back alley trails and secret forest trails, if they need assistance. Supported by other Hash Trailmeisters.
1 - Ivana Bendova / Ana
2 - Whore's Whisperer / Philip

Hare Razor
The very sociable Hasher/s who encourages other Hashers to Hare runs. The Hare Razor is supposed to knoweverything there is to know about laying a good Hash trail. Works with the On-Sec and Web Wanker to keep the Receding Hareline (the list of future Hares and Hashes) up to date. On! On!
**Of course, all Hashers should encourage others to Hare or co-Hare occasionally.
1 - Ivana Bendova / Ana  - Contact: qingdaohhh [@] outlook [.] com

Hash Haberdash
The Hashers who design and sell Hash Stash and paraphernalia such as t-shirts, socks, shorts, patches and other novelties.
**Design duties for future Stash and Haberdash can be open to all Hashers if more ideas are wanted
1 - Sloppy Seconds. / Paul
2 - Squeeze 'em in / Tony
3 - Just "Karen" - CONTACT with factories


Hash Flash
He or she responsible for immortalizing with a camera the best (and worst) moments in the Hash…
1 - Ivana Bendova / Ana
2 - Just "Chen"
3 - Just "Murphy"
4 - Any Hasher with a camera (phone)

Hash Scribe
A Hasher with a incredible memory and stunning writing skills. Knows “special tricks“, like how to change font styles and text colours… The Hash Scribe should write the Re-Hash Reports, or delegate someone (e.g. The Hares!!!) to do so.
1 - Squeeze 'em in / Tony
2 - Just "Phil"
3- Ivana Bendova / Ana

Hash Busmaster
The Hasher responsible for making sure hire buses pick us up on time and get us where we are supposed to be going on road trip Hashes ... and checking that no-one gets left behind.
1 - Squeeze 'em in / Tony
2 - ???

Hash Beer and Ice master
The Hasher responsible for ordering ice and making sure the beers are cold. Or may help the Hares to get beer at Beer Stops and Circles.
1 - Squeeze 'em in / Tony
2 - ???
3 - The HARES!!!

Web Wanker
The Hasher who manages and updates the QDH3 website and other QDH3 online sites such as Facebook and Douban.
1 - Squeeze 'em in / Tony - Douban
2 - Just "Phil" - Facebook

The Hasher/s who support the Chief Trailmaste/s (who thinks he/she knows every trail in and around our fair city) and who should also help Hares to find sneaky back alley trails and secret forest trails, if they need assistance.
1 - Squeeze 'em in / Tony
2 - Silent But Deadly / Ken

The Hasher/s who support/s the RA (who thinks he/she knows all the Qingdao Hash Songs ever made). When the R.A. is struggling for a suitable Hash Song, the Songmeisters can lead off on a Hash Song that they think is suitable.
1 - Sloppy Seconds. / Paul
2 - Whore's Whisperer / Philip

Remember, the first rule of the Hash is that the RA makes the rules.

The second rule of the Hash is that there are no rules.

Or, is it the other way around...? I guess we'll have a beer and think about it. 

Alcoholic eyes

Cheers and On! On!

QDH3 MisManagement

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