Nash Hash 2015 Hangzhou - New friends

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Hey Hashers.  So, you want to know how much fun you're going to have at a Nash Hash? LOTS!!!  :)

You can also see this great video made by one of the Nash Hashers in Hangzhou.

The last Nash Hash was in Hangzhou in May 2015. During the event we made many friends and had many great Hashing experiences.

There were about 200 people participating. Not everyone is there for the full 3 days, but most people stay for the full 3 days and some people even do more Hashing on extra days!   :)

See the photos below to see how much fun a Nash Hash is and what happens. Don't miss the next Nash Hash!!!  :)

You'll get a super collection of sweet Hash Stash (clothes and gear) too!
Friday afternoon check-in 1Friday afternoon check-in 2

See the best sights that the host city and region have to offer!
Choose long , middle or short trails.
Scenic trails 1Scenic trails 2Scenic trails 3
Scenic trails 4Scenic trails 5
Scenic trails 6Scenic trails 7

Pre-event Pre-lube Hashing for early arrivals
"Rusty Man Challenge" for people who want to try something different
Extra Pre lube Night HashExtra Rusty Man Hash

As all Hashers know, a good Circle can be one of the highlights of a Hash.
Nash Hashes have GREAT Circles because there are very experienced RAs!!!

The Circle 1The Circle 2
The Circle 3
The Circle 3The Circle 5The Circle 6
The Circle 7The Circle 8The Circle 9

Tasty and high quality food.
Plus lots of fun, laughter and table Down Downs.   :)
Bash dinners 1Bash dinners 2

And plenty of water and soft drinks too.
Beers and drinks 1 - Good supplyBeers and drinks 2 - Beer StopBeers and drinks 3 - Ready to load the bus
Beers and drinks 4 - Ready for the CircleBeers and drinks 5 - Get a beer for Daddy

One old bastard (Midget Molester) has been to EVERY China Nash Hash!!!
Crusty Old Hashers 1Crusty Old Hashers 2Crusty Old Hashers 3

While you're on the bus you can chat or sing new Hash Songs.
Hash transportHash transport

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up for the 2016 Nash Hash ASAP!!!

2016 Guangzhou 15th All China Nash Hash 全国Hash!


LATE CUMMER REGISTRATION = 880RMB = 3-day ticket (1 - 3 April)

3 great Hashes --> Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning

+ 3 funtastic Circles, and 3 tasty Bashes (dinners or lunch)

+ Hash Transport
+ Hash Stash (clothes and gear and stuff)
+ Beer stein (engraved with your name, if you pay by 15 March)
+ Many incredible and amazing Memories!!!   :)

See photo memories of the last All ChinaNash Hash here - 2015 in Hangzhou.

Here's a short 5 minute video about the last Nash Hash in Hangzhou 2015 too.

Nash Hash 2016 - Guangzhou - Promo Card
Nash Hash Guangzhou logo
Unfortunately you have missed the Earlybird discount and the Regular price for the next Nash Hash (All China National Hash 2016), but you can still get GREAT VALUE with the Late Cummers price!!!  See details above.

Qingdao Hashers have been travelling to all the Nash Hashes in recent years, so let's keep the tradition alive! Some of us have signed up already.  :) 

请你们注意: 今年四月份的全国Hash活动最便宜优惠报名方式已经结束了。不过还可以买票!.尽快报名吧。青岛Hashers参加了Hash很多次,所以我们得继续这样的习惯吧.

See full details here:


Info from the Guangzhou H3:

Nash Hash Guangzhou H3 logoFor your part, NOW is the time to register to save yourself RMB100 (off Late-Cummer price).

***Friday, April 1
(evening/night): Half Moon City Run (Long Runner, Short Runner, Walker)
***Saturday, April 2: Main Event Cuntryside Run (Ballbuster, Long Runner, Short Runner, Walker)
***Sunday, April 3: Hangover Cuntryside Run (Long Runner, Short Runner, Walker)

***If you want to do even more Hashing, then extra events are available on Thursday, March 31 and also on Monday, April 4. These events will cost more money. - See the GZH3 Nash Hash website for
full details (VPN required).

Nash Hashes are SUPER fun and you'll save money by registering early.

Some of us have registered already. Come and join us for the biggest Chinese hash of the year! 

Nash Hash 2015 was in Hangzhou and Nash Hash 2014 was in Xiamen. They were heaps of fun!!!  :)

QDH3 WEBSITE               QDH3 NEWSLETTER #472

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