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JuLin Forest Park
Hey there Hashers.


QDH3 bottle top logoWelcome to the 9th edition of our QDH3 Newsletter for 2016. .

On the 27th of February we welcome back Sweet F.A. (Tim) to be our Hare!

There's lots of QDH3 Hash news below, so take your time and enjoy!   :)

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462 drink stop
In future... soon... (well, eventually... maybe... if I ever get enough time...) we'll use the QDH3 website to host all full articles and just put shorter links in these Newsletters... but, this time it is still long(ish)... Use the links to move around on our QDH3 website.

QDH3 Hash #472 (这次Hash) on Sat, 27 Feb, will be our fun More scenic Parks Hash with a great Hash trail to be set by Hare Sweet F.A. (Tim) . This will be a great trail through the JuLin Forest Park and the ZhongShan Park.Alcoholics GIF


Tell your friends!  Tell your classmates!  Tell your coworkers!  Tell everyone!


Please send us a pre-registration email to help us work out numbers ASAP.

Want to see what it's all about? Of course you do!!!   :)
Here's a great video of the 2013 QDH3 Crowne Plaza Hotel Charity Staircase Run-Up event.

Please note, we are still happy to accept more sponsors for prizes and donations for the 7th annual QDH3 Crowne Plaza Hotel Staircase Run-up race(QDH3 颐中皇冠酒店 楼梯跑) for Charity
but please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you!

If you or your company or someone you know
can sponsor a prize/s for the event, or if you would like to donate money to the supported Charity, then please contact us. 

QDH3 Email: qingdaohhh@outlook.com

See details below about the sponsors we've already secured.

All the money that is raised this year will be donated to a local charity group called I-Love Foundation Of Qingdao General Charity Institution (青岛市慈善总会爱基金).  See more details below.

Thank you in advance for supporting this popular Qingdao community sports event and Charity fundraiser.

Crowne Run-Up 7thCrowne Run-Up runners on stairsCrowne Run-Up Hotel

QDH3 Committee meeting 2
Please join us for our next QDH3 Mismanagement Committee monthly meeting (QDH3下次管理会议) on a date still tio be decided.

We need to organise a few things for the QDH3 Crowne Plaza Hotel Staircase Run-Up Race for Charity and plan ahead for 1 or 2 Springtime bus trip Hashes too.

Why don't you join us? Your ideas will be greatly appreciated.
   Alco gif

The discussion is very important, of course... but, there is always too much talking and not enough beer drinking!  ;)  

foot moving

We have our 9th 2016 Edition of the QDH3 Newsletter for you this week, so take your time to read this Newsletter fully, or just skip through to the parts that you think will be interesting. Use the CONTENTS list and other links to find the parts you want on our QDH3 website.
On! On!

  1. QDH3 Hash #472 这次Hash活动 8th Hash of 2016 in the ShiNan area  on Sat, 27 Feb 2016 - The Scenic Parks Hash
  2. QDH3 Hash #473 下次Hash前言 on Sat, 5 Mar 2016 - Finally the great Staircase Run-Up Fun Run has arrived!!!
  3. QDH3 Hash Gear for sale 买我们的QDH3特别的衣服和东西! - Great for Birthday gifts!!! 可以给礼物!
  4. Hash #471 Re-Hash Report 上次Hash报告! - Whore's Whisperer and Just "Edwin" Hash!!! 
  5. 2016 - 7th annual QDH3 Crowne Plaza Hotel Staircase Run-up race (QDH3 颐中皇冠酒店 楼梯跑) for Charity!!! - Register NOW!!!  :)
  6. Hash song(s) of the week 新Hash歌曲
  7. Receding Hareline - Future Hashes and Hares 未来的Hash活动表 - NEED HARES FOR FEBRUARY!!! - Wanna be a Hare? 怎么当兔子?  :)
  8. 2016 Guangzhou 15th All China Nash Hash 全国Hash! - Great value for 3 days of super fun Hashing plus other gifts!!!
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1. QDH3 Hash #472 这次Hash活动 8th Hash of 2016 in the JuLin Hill area on Sat, 27 Feb 2016

For the eighth Hash of 2016 the Hare/s will give us The MORE Scenic Parks Hash.  :)

Scenic ParksLead Hare/s: Sweet F. (Tim)
Co-Hare/s: ???

Do any rookie Hares want to join them to learn how to be a Hare?

Hashers: Please join us for the next great 2016 Hash run or walk this weekend We will meet at 2pm at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (see location and map link below) in the main lobby entrance area then walk to the Hash start point. The Hare promises a beautiful Hash run in the quiet back streets, forests, coastal boardwalks, hills and/or parks of a scenic area of Qingdao. Forget your busy city life for a while.  :)

Date: Saturday, 27 February

Hashing area: Peaceful and scenic forests and parks of the JuLin Hill area

471 Meeting location Crowne Plaza Hotel
Meeting time: 2 Choices   alcoholics

1. 2pm at the Crowne Plaza Hotel lobby to catch a bus to the start point. About 30mins.
Map of Crowne Plaza Hotel:
Map of 31 bus route from YuanYang Square bus stop (远洋广场站) opposite Crowne Plaza Hotel to ErLiao bus stop (or YiLiao bus stop)  二疗站 (或者一疗站): http://j.map.baidu.com/8EEN8

2. 2.45pm at the Hash start point at the ZhongHang Restaurant.
See detailed Hash start
location address details below. (about 1000m walk from the ErLiao Bus Stop)
This info is given ONLY for those who really REALLY can't get to our main Hash meeting point at Crowne Plaza Hotel. 
Map of start point: http://j.map.baidu.com/qa_N8

Bus route to ErLiao bus stopRestaurant ZhongHang

Hash type: A to A  (i.e. if it's an A to A then the start and finish points will be at the same place - so you can leave a bag at the start)

Hash trail length: Not quite certain, but probably, Runner's ~9-11km and Walkers ~7-9km

Meet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel lobby at 2.00pm. QDH3 leaders will meet you there. Arrive at Crowne by 2.10pm at the latest!!! Then we'll catch a bus to the Hash Start Point about 30 minutes away. Please don't be late!

Make sure you have an early lunch.

Alternative meeting point (Restaurant starting point) and time (2.45pm) is given above ONLY for those who really REALLY can't get to our main meeting point at Crowne Plaza Hotel. I know I might be expecting too much from Hashers...  :O  but being a lazy, slack, tardy Hasher is NOT a good reason!    ;)

Cost: 10 RMB (includes some beer and the Hash trail) - does NOT include dinner.

Dinner: The Lead Hare has arranged for a delicious Chinese dinner in a local restaurant for those who wish to stay for dinner. Usually most people do. This is a separate cost, usually only about 40 - 60rmb per person.

Cheers and On! On! 

Sweet FA and the QDH3 Mismanagement team

Crowne Plaza Hotel
青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店 (QingDao YiZhong HuangGuan JiaRi JiuDian)...
Address: #76 XiangGang Middle Road (XiangGang Zhong Lu)
地址: 青岛, 市南区, 香港中路76号 (佳世客东50米)
Map 地图: http://j.map.baidu.com/FMWrD

ZhongHang Hotel
青岛中航酒店 (QingDao ZhongHang JiuDian)...
Address: #9 YueYang Road (about 1000m walk from the ErLiao Bus Stop)
地址: 青岛, 市南区, 岳阳路9号
Map 地图
: http://j.map.baidu.com/qa_N8

alcoholic balls gif 

On! On!

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2. QDH3 Hash #473 下次Hash前言 on Sat, 5 Mar 2016 - Staircase Run-Up for Charity!   :)
Finally our 7th running of the QDH3 Crowne Plaza Hotel Staircase Run-Up Race Fun Run has arrived!

Please REGISTER NOW so we can plan for the right number of people.

See more details HERE!  :)

Cheers and On! On!

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3. QDH3 Hash Gear for sale 买我们的QDH3特别的衣服和东西!

We have LOTS of great, high-quality QDH3 Hash gear for sale!!! - Great for Christmas gifts!!!

Some of the older gear will be on discount, so get in quick before it's sold out! That includes some jackets, hoodies and long-sleeved shirts too... Just in time for the cool late Autumn and early Winter weather.  :)
  • Shirts and jackets are all just 50rmb each!!!
  • Hats 20rmb.
  • Cups 10rmb.
  • Bottle openers 5rmb.

Contact Horny Medic/Lisa and Whore's Whisperer/Philip for details. Make an order with them (2 or 3 days before a Hash is best!) and they will bring it to the next Hash for you to buy. 

Or, send an email request to QDH3 Mismanagement - qingdaohhh@outlook.com

NOTE: Horny Medic/Lisa is retiring from managing the Hash Gear and Hash Haberdash soon, so someone else will take over in the next week ... or three.  ;)

Hash Gear LisaHash gear Philip

See the QDH3 Hash Gear supplies online here (might need a VPN...?):
QDH3 Hash Gear for sale held by Lisa and Philip
View short: http://1drv.ms/1MdbgOZ
View long: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=ff4aac4ea3ebe315!120&authkey=!AKowykTvYyyMfc4&ithint=file%2cxlsx

4. Hash #471 Re-Hash Report 上次Hash报告 - The Scenic Parks Hash

Hi Folks. This was another (great) QDH3 Hash event! 471 Hares

On Sat, 20 Feb, we held the first Hash of the Chinese New Year. The Lead Hare was Whore's Whisperer (Philip) with Co-Hare "Just Edwin". They had a really nice trail planned. And, they spent the morning setting the trail. Good work guys!!!

UNFORTUNATELY (!!!), there was just 1 Hasher along for this holiday Hash gathering. Well done to Just "Jason" on making it to the start point. There was also a first time Hasher who wanted to join, but she didn't meet with Jason due to some miscommunication. Next time!

Anyway, due to the low number of Hashers, they all decided just to do some sight-seeing instead. So they visited the YuanXiao Festival markets at TangQiuHui (糖球会).

In spite of being "just a stroll", we all think that this might have been the BEST HASH EVER!!! ;)

Don't miss the next one!

To make up for the lack of QDH3 pictues this week, I have included some photos the adventures of other QDH3 Hashers.

The Bomb (Maggie) has been doing some Hashing in Shanghai recently. Can you see her in her QDH3 green jacket? :)

And, three QDH3 Hashers had a get together on Bali Island in Indonesia too. Just "Joey" joined honeymooners Just "Eva" and Loose Pussy (David). on the beach.

It looks really nice there! But, I'm sure they really had no fun at all and they just wished they could be back in Qingdao with all of us... ;)

See you on Sat, 27 Feb, for the next Hash!!! It will be a great trail in the JuLin Forest Park and ZhongShan Park areas and maybe a bit in the Badaguan area too. Don't miss it!!! :)

On! On!

Sweet F.A.
QDH3 On-Sec / Web Wanker / Hare Razor / Hash Flash
QDH3 Email: qingdaohhh [@] outlook [.] com

471 TangQiuHui
See a few photos of QDH3 Hash #471 below.

Some more photos of Hash #471 are on Facebook (VPN required).

And, some of those photos are also available on Douban too (NO VPN required).   :)

Photo 1
Hash #471 - At the Yuan Xiao Festival at TangYuan Hui.

471 Maggie at Shanghai Hash

Photo 2
The Bomb (Maggie) away at the Shanghai Hash,.

The 3 Amigos in Bali

Photo 3
The 3 Amigos away in Bali in Indonesia   ;)

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  • 5. 2016 - 7th annual QDH3 Crowne Plaza Hotel Staircase Run-up race(QDH3 颐中皇冠酒店 楼梯跑) for Charity! - We are still looking for more prize sponsors. Please help us!!!  :)

  • Hello Qingdao Hashers! 青岛Hashers大家好!event logo

    Tell your friends! Tell your classmates! Tell your coworkers! Tell everyone!

    Want to see what it's all about? Of course you do!!!   :)

    Here's a great video of the 2013 QDH3 Crowne Plaza Hotel Charity Staircase Run-Up event.

    Hey Hashers! After a misstep (Haha!) last year, the date has been set for the 7th Annual Qingdao Hash House Harriers Staircase Run-up Charity Fund-raising event in association with the Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao. The next staircase race will be held on Saturday, 5 March 2016. 


    To register: Send us an email with your name and a contact phone number plus an emergency contact number of a family member or friend.

    When you register, you certify that you are in good health and that you
    acknowledge that you bear full responsibility for your safety before, during and after the event.

    Mark your calendars and start exercising your thighs to get ready for this fun and challenging 41-floor staircase climbing race from the hotel basement all the way up to the top floor! Come and join the fun in March 2016! :)  

    All the money that is raised this year will be donated to a local charity group called I-Foundation Of Qingdao General Charity Institution (青岛市慈善总会爱基金). 

    This group's activities are run mostly by Chinese volunteers and is recognized by the local government. They have various projects to help children with autism and their families and also poor children and their families in Qingdao and even Shandong and we can be sure that our donation will be used where it is needed the most. 

    More information about the charity group can be found at http://wapbaike.baidu.com/item/青岛市慈善总会爱基金 (Chinese only).  It is a group that deserves more support.

    If you would like to discuss sponsoring a prize or making a donation for this popular community fun run and charity fund-raising event then please contact the QDH3 at: 

           qingdaohhh [@] outlook [.] com  

    We are very greatful for organisational support from ProResource and QDH3 Hasher Lisa2. We are also very happy to announce that we have some prizes already sponsored by the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Qingdao), the Pullman Hotel (Weifang), Thai Me Up Restaurant and Bar, the Strong Ale Works Craft Brewery, the Qingdao Homebrew Club and more.

    stair runners

    Thank you!

    Cheers and On! On!   :)

    Qingdao Hash House Harriers

    Trail running and hiking group (aka The Drinking Club with the Running Problem)

      2014 logostairs

    starters Crowne buiding

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    6. Hash song(s) of the week 新Hash歌曲

    Hash Songs to Learn – IMPORTANT!!!

    It's all in good fun, but many Hash songs contain ribald/bawdy/vulgar language and suggestive lyrics and taboo and politically incorrect topics. Be warned before reading (and singing) of your own choice.  ;)

    Can I have a note? Mi Mi Mi Mi Miiiii Yu Yu Yu Yu Yuuuuu

    1. Lady Hardonna
    [Tune of " Lady Madonna " by the Beatles] - Sung for female Hashers.

    Lady Hardonna, men at your feet,
    Wonder how you manage to beat their meat.
    You find the money, when you need to pay the rent,
    You know that money isn't heaven sent.
    Friday's guy arrives without a suitcase,
    Sunday's Hasher creeps in like a bum,
    Monday's guy likes to be tied with his boot lace,
    See how they'll come.

    In future, I'll put one or two songs here in each QDH3 Newsletter, so we can learn more great Hashing songs!  :)

    In case you want to know if I'm a song-writing genius... NO!!!  I plagiarised all of these from other Hash groups...   ;)

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    7. Receding Hareline 未来的Hash活动表 - A list of future Hashes and Hares - Wanna be a Hare 怎么当兔子?  :)


    The Hares
    If you would like to be a Lead Hare (主任兔子 - plan a Hash trail about 2 weeks before the Hash) or a Co-Hare (帮手兔子 - help carry flour and set the Hash trail on the day of the Hash), then let the Hare Razor (me, aka Sweet FA) know and we'll work out a date for you to set a trail. If you are flexible with your date, then that's even better.

    新兔子学习当Hash兔子不是很难。只要两三次志愿当帮手兔子支持主任兔子。当天的兔子免费参加我们的Hash活动 (不包括晚餐)。

    Remember, Hares Hash for FREE!!!  Yay!!!  (
    The Bash dinner is still extra though...)    ;)

    Setting trails is fun and you get a great feeling leading all the Hashers for an enjoyable Hash run or walk. See the Hare's Hash Trail Basics Guide here.

    For new Hares, it might look a bit complicated, but it's really not hard at all.  :)  Just volunteer  to Co-Hare with an experienced Lead Hare one or two or three times and then you'll be able to do the Lead Hare job easily in future too!

    Receding Hareline 18Feb2016

    You can view the latest Receding Hareline online at any time too. try these links. One of them should work... I hope!  ;)

    QDH3 Receding Hareline - full version (may need a VPN to view this)

    QDH3 Receding Hareline - basic version (no VPN needed... usually)

    8. 2016 Guangzhou 15th All China Nash Hash 全国Hash!  -->  3-day ticket from 1 - 3 April 2016

    BE A LATE CUMMER!!!   ;)

    LATE CUMMER REGISTRATION = 880RMB = 3-day ticket (1 - 3 April)

    3 great Hashes --> Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning

    + 3 funtastic Circles, and 3 tasty Bashes (dinners or lunch)

    + Hash Transport
    + Hash Stash (clothes and gear and stuff)
    + Beer stein (engraved with your name, if you pay by 15 March)
    + Many incredible and amazing Memories!!!   :)

    See photo memories of the last All ChinaNash Hash here - 2015 in Hangzhou.

    Here's a short 5 minute video about the last Nash Hash in Hangzhou 2015 too.

    Nash Hash 2016 - Guangzhou - Promo Card
    Nash Hash Guangzhou logo
    Unfortunately you have missed the Earlybird discount and the Regular price for the next Nash Hash (All China National Hash 2016), but you can still get GREAT VALUE with the Late Cummers price!!!  See details above.

    Qingdao Hashers have been travelling to all the Nash Hashes in recent years, so let's keep the tradition alive! Some of us have signed up already.  :) 

    请你们注意: 今年四月份的全国Hash活动最便宜优惠报名方式已经结束了。不过还可以买票!.尽快报名吧。青岛Hashers参加了Hash很多次,所以我们得继续这样的习惯吧.

    See full details here: http://qdhhh.eu5.org/news.html#ACNH2016_GZH3

    Info from the Guangzhou H3:

    Nash Hash Guangzhou H3 logoFor your part, NOW is the time to register and book your tickets and accommodation.

    ***Friday, April 1
    (evening/night): Half Moon City Run (Long Runner, Short Runner, Walker)
    ***Saturday, April 2: Main Event Cuntryside Run (Ballbuster, Long Runner, Short Runner, Walker)
    ***Sunday, April 3: Hangover Cuntryside Run (Long Runner, Short Runner, Walker)

    ***If you want to do even more Hashing, then extra events are available on Thursday, March 31 and also on Monday, April 4. These events will cost more money. - See the GZH3 Nash Hash website for
    full details.

    Nash Hashes are SUPER fun and you'll save money by registering early.

    Some of us have registered already. Come and join us for the biggest Chinese Hash of the year! 

    Nash Hash 2015 was in Hangzhou and Nash Hash 2014 was in Xiamen. They were heaps of fun!!!  :)

    Cheers and On! On! 

    Sweet FA / TimF (QDH3 On-Sec, Hare Razor and Web Wanker) on behalf of QDH3 Mismanagement 

    Mismanagement Email: qingdaohhh@outlook.com
    Website: http://qdhhh.eu5.org/index.html
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/qingdaohhh/
    Douban: http://www.douban.com/location/people/137146436/

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    *** HASH FUNNIES ***


    Hares NEEDED!!!
    We URGENTLY need Hares for March Hashes!!!
    我们需要2016年3月找一些想当兔子的人。请尽快举手!谢谢! :)

    Please look at the Receding Hareline (list of future Hashes and Hares) and choose a date.

    这里然后选一个日期。然后发给我邮件谈论和组织。你 也可以跟有经历的兔子学习怎么做兔子。先举手就开始。

    Then contact the QDH3 Hare Razor to organise your Hash event. Send us an email: qingdaohhh@outlook.com

    If you want to learn how to be a Hare, then you can just be a Co-Hare and help an experienced Hare.